Protect the Protector

Body camera technology

Why We Do it

Every day security officers from the private and public sectors put their lives at risk to protect the general public. While they undertake this difficult task as part of their duty, security officers and personnel are called to address unpredictable situations that are often violent.

Our mission is to ensure that security officers and the organizations behind them are protected. We provide the protector with video, audio and metadata evidence with our camera ranges. These body cameras are high quality, cost effective body worn cameras that are managed with digital evidence software. This streamlines operational workflows and creates a professional working operation.

Who Are We

It’s in our blood with a proud lineage of military and security service preceding us at Oculis tech and we are honored by those around us working towards a safe and secure world. 

We love our country, our continent and its people and are passionate about body worn camera technology.

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